Names of Presidents of the United States

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___ Obama?Barack1,1 %21-Feb-2012
Barack ___?Obama2,2 %21-Feb-2012
___ W. Bush?George3,3 %21-Feb-2012
George W. ___?Bush4,4 %21-Feb-2012
___ Clinton?Bill5,6 %21-Feb-2012
Bill ___?Clinton6,7 %21-Feb-2012
___ H. W. Bush?George7,8 %21-Feb-2012
George H. W. ___?Bush8,9 %21-Feb-2012
___ Reagan?Ronald10,0 %21-Feb-2012
Ronald ___?Reagan11,1 %21-Feb-2012
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___ Quincy Adams?   John

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