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Color in national flag?green5,0 %27-Jan-2012
Color in national flag?white10,0 %27-Jan-2012
Animal on the national flag?dragon15,0 %27-Jan-2012
Welsh name for "Wales"?Cymru20,0 %27-Jan-2012
Name of the saint patron?David25,0 %27-Jan-2012
Welsh symbol (flower)?Daffodil30,0 %27-Jan-2012
Writer (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)?Roald Dahl35,0 %27-Jan-2012
Famous sport?Rugby40,0 %27-Jan-2012
Second most populous city?Swansea45,0 %27-Jan-2012
The adjective coming from wales?Welsh50,0 %27-Jan-2012
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