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A World Heritage Site in Mombasa?Fort Jesus4,3 %26-Sep-2011
A 74 m (243 ft) scenic waterfall?Thomsons8,7 %08-Aug-2011
A large game reserve in south-western Kenya?Maasai Mara13,0 %04-Aug-2011
One of the "Big Five" animals of Africa in Kenya?lion17,4 %04-Aug-2011
A color in Kenyan flag?green21,7 %27-Jul-2011
A color in Kenyan flag?black26,1 %27-Jul-2011
A color in Kenyan flag?red30,4 %27-Jul-2011
Official motto of Kenya?Harambee34,8 %27-Jul-2011
Time zone?EAT39,1 %27-Jul-2011
"long journey" in Swahili?Safari43,5 %27-Jul-2011
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National Park?   Amboseli

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