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House of God?church0,5 %07-Nov-2010
A command from God?commandment1,1 %07-Nov-2010
Number of parables in the gospel of mark?eight1,6 %02-Oct-2010
The gospel with most parables?Mark2,1 %02-Oct-2010
Rebecca's brother?Laban2,6 %02-Oct-2010
Red sea was divided by?Moses3,2 %02-Oct-2010
Paul's ___ revealed to him of his planned death...nephew3,7 %23-Sep-2010
The ___ wanted to kill Paul in Roman custody?Jews4,2 %23-Sep-2010
Number of daughters of Phillip the Evangelist w...four4,8 %23-Sep-2010
Four daughters of Philip the ___ prophesied?Evangelist5,3 %23-Sep-2010
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