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Quarterback?coach2,3 %17-Jul-2015
In a slow tempo (music)?Largo2,4 %17-Jul-2015
Cartoon series (SpongeBob ___)?Squarepants2,4 %17-Jul-2015
Shot in Vegas?Tupac2,4 %10-Apr-2015
Famous rapper *1971?Tupac2,4 %06-Apr-2015
US business city?New York2,4 %03-Jan-2013
Eve's second son?Abel2,5 %14-Aug-2012
Supplementary feature?add-on2,5 %14-Aug-2012
Big-eared hoppers?hares2,5 %08-Aug-2012
Big-eared hopper?hare2,5 %08-Aug-2012
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